Sports Schedule Sept 26-Oct 2

26-Sep 08:00 MLB: Cardinals vs Cubs
26-Sep 08:00 NFL: Bears vs Cowboys
26-Sep 12:30 NFL: Lions vs Packers (replay)
26-Sep 13:30 NFL:49ers vs Seahawks (replay)
26-Sep 18:30 NFL: Broncos vs Bengals (replay)
26-Sep 12:30 NFL: Jets vs Chiefs (replay)
27-Sep 08:00 NFL: Falcons vs Saints
28-Sep 12:30 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Notre Dame vs Duke (replay)
29-Sep 20:00 HOCKEY: World Cup Final – Game 1
30-Sep 08:00 NFL: Dolphins vs Bengals
30-Sep 08:55 F1: Malaysia GP – Practice 1
30-Sep 12:55 F1: Malaysia GP – Practice 2
1-Oct 12:45 AFL: Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs
1-Oct 12:55 F1: Malaysia GP – Practice 3
1-Oct 15:30 F1: Malaysia GP – Qualifying
1-Oct 18:30 EPL: Swansea vs Liverpool
1-Oct 21:00 EPL: West Ham vs Middlesbrough
1-Oct 21:00 EPL: Hull vs Chelsea
1-Oct 21:00 EPL: Sunderland vs West Brom
1-Oct 21:00 EPL: Watford vs Bournemouth
1-Oct 22:00 RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: S. Africa vs Australia
2-Oct 10:00 UFC: Lineker vs Dodson
2-Oct ??? NRL: Tbc
2-Oct 13:30 F1: Malaysia GP – Race
2-Oct 18:00 EPL: Man United vs Stoke
2-Oct 20:15 EPL: Tottenham vs Man City
2-Oct 20:25 EPL: Leicester vs Southampton
2-Oct 20:30 NFL: Colts vs Jaguars ??
2-Oct 22:30 EPL: Burnley vs Arsenal

Schedule subject to change. Check our facebook page for any updates

Sports Schedule Sept 19-25

19-Sep 08:00 MLB: Yankees vs Red Sox
19-Sep 08:00 NFL: Packers vs Vikings
19-Sep 12:00 NFL: Bengals vs Steelers (replay)
19-Sep 15:00 NFL: Chiefs vs Texans (replay)
19-Sep 20:00 HOCKEY: World Cup (replay)
19-Sep 21:20 AFC U-16: Vietnam vs. Australia 
19-Sep 21:30 NFL: Seahawks vs Rams (replay)
19-Sep 22:00 NFL: Bengals vs Steelers (replay)
19-Sep 23:00 HOCKEY: World Cup (replay)
20-Sep 08:00 NFL: Eagles vs Bears 
20-Sep 08:00 HOCKEY: World Cup
20-Sep 12:30 HOCKEY: World Cup (replay)
20-Sep 18:30 NFL: Packers vs Vikings (replay)
20-Sep 20:00 HOCKEY: World Cup (replay)
20-Sep 21:20 AFC U-16: Thailand vs DPR Korea
20-Sep 21:30 NFL: Eagles vs Bears (replay)
20-Sep 23:55 FRENCH LIGUE: Lille vs Toulouse
21-Sep 08:00 MLB: Angels vs Rangers
22-Sep 08:00 NFL: Patriots vs Texans
23-Sep 16:00 NRL: Tbc
23-Sep ? AFL: Tbc
23-Sep 19:30 CURRIE CUP: Boland Cavaliers vs Blue Bulls
24-Sep 08:00 NCAA FOOTBALL: USC vs Utah
24-Sep 09:30 MITRE 10 CUP: Canterbury vs Otago
24-Sep 14:00 NRL: Tbc
24-Sep 15:30 NCAA FOOTBALL: USC vs Utah (replay)
24-Sep ? AFL: Tbc
24-Sep 17:30 MOTO GP: GP of Aragon – Qualifying
24-Sep 18:30 EPL: Man United vs Leicester City
24-Sep 19:30 CURRIE CUP: Pumas vs Cheetahs
24-Sep 20:20 BUNDESLIGA: Hamburg vs Bayern
24-Sep 21:00 EPL: Liverpool vs Hull
24-Sep 21:00 EPL: Swansea vs Man City
24-Sep 21:00 EPL: Bournemouth vs Everton
24-Sep 21:00 EPL: Middlesbrough vs Tottenham
24-Sep 23:00 EPL: Arsenal vs Chelsea
24-Sep 23:30 NCAA FOOTBALL:  San Jose State vs Iowa State
25-Sep 09:00 UFC: Cyborg vs Lansberg
25-Sep 15:30 MOTO GP: GP of Aragon – Race
25-Sep 20:20 BUNDESLIGA: Hoffenheim vs Schalke
25-Sep 22:00 EPL: West Ham vs Southampton
25-Sep 22:20 BUNDESLIGA: Koln vs Leipzig

Schedule subject to change. Check our facebook page for any updates

Sports Schedule Sept 12-18

12-Sep 08:00 MLB: Cubs vs Astros
12-Sep 08:00 NFL: Patriots vs Cardinals 
12-Sep 13:30 NFL: Dolphins vs Seahawks (replay)
12-Sep 13:30 NFL: Packers vs Jaguars (replay)
12-Sep 19:00 NFL: Bengals vs Jets (replay)
12-Sep 21:30 NFL: Giants vs Cowboys (replay)
13-Sep 09:00 NFL: Rams vs 49ers
13-Sep 13:30 NFL: Patriots vs Cardinals (replay)
13-Sep 18:30 NFL: Steelers vs Redskins (replay)
13-Sep 21:30 NFL: Rams vs 49ers (replay)
14-Sep 08:00 MLB: Rangers vs Astros
15-Sep 08:00 NFL: Jets vs Bills
15-Sep 08:00 MLB: Rangers vs Astros
15-Sep 14:30 NRL: Tbc
16-Sep 08:00 MLB: White Sox vs Royals
16-Sep TBA AFL: Semi Finals Tbc
16-Sep 16:50 F1: Singapore GP – Practice 1
16-Sep 20:20 F1: Singapore GP – Practice 2
17-Sep 11:30 MITRE 10 CUP: Manawatu vs Canterbury
17-Sep TBA AFL: Semi Finals Tbc
17-Sep 14:30 RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: New Zealand vs South Africa
17-Sep 16:50 F1: Singapore GP – Practice 3
17-Sep 17:00 RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: Australia vs Argentina 
17-Sep 19:30 F1: Singapore GP – Qualifying
17-Sep 20:20 BUNDESLIGA: Bayern vs Ingolstadt
17-Sep 21:00 EPL: Man City vs Bournemouth
17-Sep 21:00 EPL: Chelsea vs Liverpool
17-Sep 21:00 EPL: Hull vs Arsenal
17-Sep 21:00 EPL: Leicester vs Burnley
17-Sep 23:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Iowa St. vs TCU
17-Sep 20:20 BUNDESLIGA: Monchengladbach vs Bremen
17-Sep 23:30 EPL: Everton vs Middlesbrough
18-Sep 18:00 EPL: Watford vs Man United
18-Sep 18:30 F1: Singapore GP – Race
18-Sep 20:15 EPL: Southhampton vs Swansea
18-Sep 20:15 EPL: Crystal Palace vs Stoke
18-Sep 22:20 BUNDESLIGA: Berlin vs Schalke
18-Sep 22:30 EPL: Tottenham vs Sunderland


6-Sep 19:00 SOCCER: Thailand vs Japan
6-Sep 22:20 SOCCER: United Arab Emirates vs Australia
8-Sep 08:00 MLB: Royals vs Twins
8-Sep 14:30 MITRE 10 CUP: Taranaki v Southland
8-Sep 17:00 AFL: West Coast Eagles vs Western Bulldogs
8-Sep 23:30 CURRIE CUP: Griquas vs Boland Cavaliers
9-Sep 08:00 NFL: Panthers vs Broncos
9-Sep 14:00 NRL: Tbc
9-Sep 16:30 AFL: Geelong Cats vs Hawthorn
9-Sep 16:30 NRL: Tbc
10-Sep 08:00 MLB: Royals vs White Sox
10-Sep 11:30 MITRE 10 CUP: Otago v Tasman
10-Sep 12:00 AFL: Sydney Swans vs GWS Giants
10-Sep 15:00 RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: New Zealand vs Argentina 
10-Sep 16:30 AFL: Adelaide Crows vs North Melbourne
10-Sep 17:00 RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: Australia vs South Africa
10-Sep 17:30 MOTO GP: San Marino – Qualifying
10-Sep 18:30 EPL: Man Utd vs Man City
10-Sep 20:30 BUNDESLIGA: Wolfsburg vs Koln
10-Sep 21:00 BUNDESLIGA: Leverkusen vs Hamburg
10-Sep 21:00 EPL: Arsenal vs Southampton
10-Sep 21:00 LA-LIGA: R Madrid vs Osasuna
10-Sep 21:00 EPL: Stoke vs Tottenham
10-Sep 21:00 EPL: West Ham vs Watford
10-Sep 23:30 EPL: Liverpool vs Leicester 
11-Sep 09:00 UFC 203:  Miocic vs Overeem
11-Sep 09:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Texas Tech vs Arizona St
11-Sep 15:30 MOTO GP: San Marino – Race
11-Sep 17:20 DUTCH EREDIVISIE: Feyenoord vs ADO Den Haag
11-Sep 20:20 BUNDESLIGA: Bremen vs Augsburg
11-Sep 22:00 EPL: Swansea vs Chelsea
11-Sep 20:20 UFC 203:  Miocic vs Overeem – Replay
11-Sep 22:20 BUNDESLIGA: Mainz vs Hoffenheim