Live @ THE GAME Sept 30 – Oct 4

30-Sep 8:00 NFL: Patriots vs. Falcons
1-Oct 8:00 NFL: Dolphins vs. Saints
2-Oct 8:00 MLB: National League Wild Card
2-Oct 8:00 NHL:  Capitols vs. Blackhawks
3-Oct 8:00 NHL:  Capitols vs. Blackhawks
3-Oct 8:00 MLB: American League Wild Card
3-Oct 13:30 ITM CUP: Sou vs. Hb
4-Oct 8:00 NFL: Bills vs. Browns
4-Oct 8:00 F1: Practice 1
4-Oct 8:00 MLB: National League Division B
4-Oct 11:55 F1: Practice 2


Live @ THE GAME Sept 26-29

26-Sep 12:00 TENNIS: Atp Thailand Open
27-Sep 8:00 NFL: 49ers vs. Cardinals
27-Sep 12:00 TENNIS: Atp Thailand Open
27-Sep 16:30 NRL: Rabbitohs vs. Manly
27-Sep 21:30 CURRIE CUP: Che vs Wp
28-Sep 8:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Utah State vs. San Jose State
28-Sep 12:30 TENNIS: Atp Thailand Open
28-Sep 16:30 NRL: Roosters vs. Knights
28-Sep 18:30 CURRIE CUP: Gri vs Bul
28-Sep 18:45 PREMIER LEAGUE: Tottenham vs. Chelsea
28-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Man Untd vs. West Brom
28-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Man City vs. Aston Villa
28-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Hull vs. West Ham
28-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: South Hampton vs. Crystal Palace
28-Sep 21:30 CHAMPIONSHIP: Sa vs Aus
28-Sep 23:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Swansea vs. Arsenal
29-Sep 12:30 TENNIS: Atp Thailand Open
29-Sep 16:00 MOTO GP: Main Race
29-Sep 19:30 PREMIER LEAGUE: Stoke vs. Norwich
29-Sep 19:30 AVIVA: Exe vs. Lei
29-Sep 22:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Sunderland vs. Liverpool


Live @ THE GAME Sept 20-22

20-Sep 8:00 NFL: Chiefs vs. Eagles
20-Sep 16:30 NRL: Tba
20-Sep 16:50 F1: Practice 1
20-Sep 20:20 F1: Practice 2
21-Sep 9:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Boise St vs. Fresno St
21-Sep 9:30 ITM CUP: Man vs. Wai
21-Sep 12:30 ITM CUP: Wel vs. Can
21-Sep 16:30 NRL: Teams Tbc
21-Sep 16:50 F1: Practice 3
21-Sep 18:45 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Norwich vs. Aston Villa
21-Sep 19:30 CURRIE CUP: Sha vs. Che
21-Sep 19:45 F1: Qualifying
21-Sep 21:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Liverpool vs. Southhampton
21-Sep 21:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: New Castle vs. Hull
21-Sep 21:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: West Brom vs. Sunderland
21-Sep 21:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: West Ham vs. Everton
21-Sep 23:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Chelsea vs. Fulham
22-Sep 8:00 MLB: Reds vs. Pirates
22-Sep 8:00 UFC 165: Prelims
22-Sep 8:00 UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson
22-Sep 18:00 F1: Race
22-Sep 18:30 All IRELAND MFC: May vs. Tyr
22-Sep 19:30 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Swansea vs. Crystal Palace
22-Sep 19:30 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Arsenal vs. Stoke
22-Sep 20:30 All IRELAND MFC: May vs. Dub
22-Sep 22:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Man City vs. Man Utd
22-Sep 22:00 PREMIERE LEAGUE: Cardiff vs. Tottenham


Live @ THE GAME Sept 14- 15

14-Sep 8:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Air Force vs. Boise State
14-Sep 9:30 ITM CUP: Wai vs. Auc
14-Sep 11:30 ITM CUP: Can vs. Oto
14-Sep 14:00 RUGBY: Nz vs. Sa
14-Sep 16:30 RUGBY: Aus vs. Arg
14-Sep 18:45 PREMIER LEAGUE: Man Utd vs. Crystal Palace
14-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Stoke vs. Man City
14-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Sunderland vs. Arsenal
14-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Tottenham vs. Norwich City
14-Sep 21:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Aston Villa vs. Newcastle
14-Sep 23:30 PREMIER LEAGUE: Everton vs. Chelsea
15-Sep 8:00 BOXING: Mayweather vs. Canelo
15-Sep 8:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Notre Dame vs. Purdue
15-Sep 13:00 NRL: Teams TBC
15-Sep 16:00 MOTOGP: Main Race
15-Sep 22:00 PREMIER LEAGUE: Southhampton vs. West Ham


Live @ THE GAME Sept 9 -13

9-Sep 0:00 NFL: Patriots vs. Bills
9-Sep 0:00 MLB: Red Sox vs. Yankees
9-Sep 8:00 NFL: Giants vs. Cowboys
10-Sep 9:20 NFL: Texans vs. Chargers
11-Sep 8:40 WORLD CUP QUALIFERS: Paraguay vs. Argentina
12-Sep 14:30 ITM CUP: Wel vs. Bay
13-Sep 8:00 NFL: Patriots vs. Jeys
13-Sep 16:30 NRL: Teams TBC
13-Sep 20:30 MMA: One Championship


Live @ THE GAME Sept 7-8

7-Sep 8:00 COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  Wake Forest vs. Boston College
7-Sep 9:30 ITM CUP: Tar vs. Auc
7-Sep 9:30 WORLD CUP QUALIFYING: Peru vs. Uraguay
7-Sep 12:00 NRL: Dragons vs. Warriors
7-Sep 15:55 F1: Practice 3
7-Sep 16:30 RUGBY: Aus vs. Sa
7-Sep 18:50 F1: Qualifying
7-Sep 19:30 AVIVA: Li vs. Sar
7-Sep 22:00 AVIVA: Was vs. Har
7-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 13
8-Sep 0:00 MLB: Red Sox vs. Yankees
8-Sep 9:00 BOXING: Chris Arroera vs. Seth Mitchell
8-Sep 9:30 COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Washington State vs. USC
8-Sep 12:00 NRL: Knights vs. Eels
8-Sep 16:00 NRL: Raiders vs. Sharks
8-Sep 18:00 F1: Raceday
8-Sep 18:30 ALL IRELAND: Mhc vs. Wat
8-Sep 21:00 ALL IRELAND: Shc vs. Cor
8-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 14


Live @ THE GAME Sept 2 – 6

2-Sep 0:00 MLB: Orioles vs. Yankees
2-Sep 16:00 NRL: Eels vs. Dragons
2-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 8
3-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 9
4-Sep 14:30 ITM CUP: Auc vs. Mau
4-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 10
5-Sep 8:00 UFC: Teixeira vs Bader
5-Sep 14:40 ITM CUP: Bay vs. Can
5-Sep 16:30 NRL: Broncos vs. Bulldogs
5-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 11
6-Sep 8:00 NFL: Ravens vs. Broncos
6-Sep 14:55 F1: Practice 1
6-Sep 16:30 NRL: Rabbitohs vs. Roosters
6-Sep 18:55 F1: Practice 2
6-Sep 22:00 US OPEN: Day 12